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Dropbyke is a Bike Sharing App. Rent a bike wherever you need it and drop it wherever you like.


The Dropbyke App lets you rent a bike directly from nearby community bike owners. Pay less than you would for traditional bike rentals.
Dropbyke provides the easiest way of urban transportation and is the simplest way to earn money… from your bike.
• Flexible as Personal Transport. Take bike where you Need – Ride it where you Like – Drop it where you Want
• Affordable as Public Transport. From $3 per hour. No membership payments. No extra charges
• Healthy. Riding bike is favorable not only for your health but for whole community health
• Social. Contribute to local community. Share your bike with neighbors. Share your experience with friends. Have a fun
• Cashless. Pay with the app
For bike riders:
• Download the Dropbyke App and start riding with a few simple taps!
• Enable GPS on your smartphone (Application works only with enabled GPS)
• Search for available bikes nearby
• Select bike you’d like to ride based on information provided – bike photo, hour rate and ranking
• Get access information – lock password and message from last rider
• Unlock bike and enjoy your ride
• To drop your bike wherever you like – please lock bike at any eligible public place, e.g. public bike stand
• Make photo of locked bike and leave message for next rider to help him (her) find bike
• When your ride ends, the app securely charges payment from your saved credit card
• Please rate your Dropbyke experience to help us make it better next time
• Share your Dropbyke experience with your Facebook friends

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