Development process

Consists of logical transparent stages.
You can come to us with an idea and together we’ll submit a fully functional app to AppStore and Google Play.
Your idea
Whether it's something completely new and crazy or something alike to other services but different. You have these big plans and expectations, you don't or you do know where to start and what you need. We listen carefully.
Detailed planning
From the idea and project concept, we prepare technical specifications, high-resolution diagrams, mockups, user portraits and user cases. We help your idea grow and evolve into a solid shape to start your project's journey.
Design and prototyping
Once high-resolution planning is done, we're getting to details and start working on designs using interactive prototypes in Invision. You'll see and feel the app on the actual device with all small details which make the big impression.
With an eye for the latest updates and technical possibilities, with Agile and Scrum approach and rituals, we make it happen and alive across iOS, Android, and Web with native code and natural behavior. With Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, Node.JS for Web and literally years of experience. We're confident to create even the most ambitious ideas.
QA Testing
It doesn't mean we test only after development is over, but it's rather a parallel process which never stops while development is moving. We create detailed and broad manual test cases, we cover code with unit test and run UI tests. In addition constant retrospective testing, to make sure that new and old parts are getting along.
Public release
It is a very exciting moment for every owner when his idea meets the world. Don't be afraid, we won't let you down after release and always be around to help, suggest or advice, as product evolution is a never-ending story.


By contacting us, you’ve already started the project, and we’ll make sure it succeeds.
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