Costs of building an on-demand app

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On-demand services apps are everywhere – we can hardly imagine a field unknown to the on-demand market. Variety of services, speed, convenience, and quality make these apps popular and widely used around the globe. But behind everything, there's a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use platform.

With the continuous rise of mobile users and the reliance on the internet, it's safe to speculate that on-demands will only become more popular. Customers will shift to digital solutions, and businesses that are resisting the change will soon be left behind.

Regardless of the type of model of your business, an on-demand app can help you better engage your customers, provide a better customer experience, and increase your revenue. Luckily, there's still a lot of room for new unicorns and plenty of niches left to fill. Delivering service directly to people who need it can actually change lives for the better. But what about prices for MVP? A lot of businesses want to join this promising niche but it often feels that it can be beyond your budget.

Despite that many key factors of on-demand app development are strictly measurable, its cost will be individual for every project.

The main factors that affect the price include:
  • the number of necessary features to be created;
  • the complexity of design (better to work with a designer connected to a dev team - will save time significantly);
  • the technologies used;
  • unique details of the platform or niche;
  • the factor of an unknown when creating something new.

High level, a decent MVP would start from $7000 and sky is the limit. Our BAs can though prepare a more accurate quote after a short discovery session and a strategic consultation.
Volodymyr Andrushenko
Co-founder, Business development specialist at CookieDev
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