Key Features of the Transportation Apps

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To release a successful app for logistics you need to determine key features. Mobility, Transportation, and Logistics share similar features.

Following is the list of them:

Customer Panel Features

Push-notifications are common features that are used for notifying users of different situations. For example, unpredictable situations on the road can influence the total ride time and may cause a delay, such as a traffic jam, an emergency, or any other such incident. Alerts reduce the anxiety of users and show the real situations. For logistic apps, notifications are used to alert customers and drivers about the current order status. That helps customers to be informed and decreases the time between deliveries.
It should be simple messaging functionality that helps users easily text and attach pictures or documentation. Online support of customers reduces the negative feedbacks, helps easily solve problems, and supports users on different steps inside the app.
Vehicle booking:
For ride-hailing apps, booking is an important feature. There should be an option with schedule, waiting time, cost, and payment methods. Another thing is users authorization, with current info, rating, preferred payment method, and billing history. Drivers also should have a rating, contact, and driving history. All that makes using an app transparent for both sides, clients and drivers.

Driver Panel Features

Map and Navigation:
Map inside such kinds of apps is a must-needed feature. It helps drivers to choose the best route and don't get lost. Traffic situation helps optimize route and save driving time.
Also, an interactive map shows the currently available vehicles near you, so customers can check the current loaded.

Log feature:
This is a driver's report, where represents their driving hours, mileage traveled, payments, number of successfully delivered orders. This feature is highly required in the logistic apps where drives should send their reports and documents to the managers, so this thing helps to keep everything in one place and optimize the working process. Managers also have access to all driver's documentation or have instant access to all the required info.

Admin Panel Features

GPS location tracking:
A feature that helps to track real-time location for all, admins, drivers, customers. Everyone receives clear info regarding the situation of things. Can also be alerted immediately in the case of an emergency or other unexpected interruption.

Offline support:

Unfortunately, there are places without adequate internet connectivity, so drivers and other users should be protected and supported in such kinds of situations.
In-app should be ways to reach admins for customers and drivers to solve difficultly or emergencies on time. That increases the reliability rate of the company.

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