Select a backend database for an E-Learning project

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If e-learning companies want to set up efficient operations and flexible use of large-scale data, it is not enough to store information for them; they need to use it actively. Furthermore, large volumes of data from multiple systems must be quickly processed to optimize their analysis. Therefore, it is essential that logistic software development takes into account the requirements of the company profile and is productive.

The prospect of database growth should be anticipated, and sufficient flexibility and scale should be ensured when choosing a platform. Among trusted users, one of these database options is worth considering:

  • MySQL;

  • noSQL;

  • Mongo;

  • MSSQL.

Each has certain features that should be considered when choosing a platform.

What's so appealing about MySQL

The database has won users' trust with its simple installation procedure and the possibility of flexible settings. It is faultless in operation and handles elementary tasks well. MySQL is great for e-learning developers because it solves the problem of managing different volumes of structured data, searching, and processing queries. It is compatible with almost all programming languages. Therefore, it makes sense to cache it to optimize performance when working with this database.

Features of noSQL

A database that stores unstructured or partially structured information is suitable for various tasks. For example, it has proven itself in game development, application development, and building a marketplace app. In addition, NoSQL is characterized by great flexibility and scalability, which can be a determining factor when choosing a database.

Benefits of Mongo

With the marketplace development of e-learning, there was a need for an intermediate version of databases to fully support-related processes. Mongo developers came to the rescue by providing an innovative product. It can be installed on one of many popular operating systems:

  • Linux;

  • Windows;

  • macOS;

  • BSD.

The database uses collections of documents rather than tables, thanks to GridFS's proprietary technology. As a result, it optimizes the processing, search, and analysis of stored information. Thus, more performance and reliability of the platform become available, especially when working with large amounts of data.

Distinctive features of MSSQL

If you are looking for transportation and logistics software or other projects that involve a lot of functionality, you might be interested in MSSQL. The database works only with Windows, but that is enough for many people. It features an easy search, automation of routine tasks, and scalability. The system is synchronized and offers information conversion services. The platform is reliable and sufficiently flexible.

Concluding recommendations

It is necessary to consider the potential for expansion, flexibility, and usability of the platform to choose the best server database for project-based e-learning. In addition, the potential volume of information to be processed is also an important indicator.

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