Tips And Best Practices For Building Mobile Referral Program

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Today referral programs that bring you customers should be optimized for mobile as soon as it's possible. People spend 3 hours a day on a smartphone or tablet on average. And some of them don't use desktop computers or laptops at all. So making your websites and applications mobile-friendly you strongly increase the chances that visitors become customers and invite friends to try out your product. But when coming up with new ideas keep in mind that there are some tips and best practices that will surely help you make your first steps.

Screen sizes and resolutions

Smartphones may still have extremely small screen sizes and resolutions. So it's necessary to focus on the smallest ones (among the popular models of course). Generally, users of such smartphones can catch up to 5 visible elements with their attention. Having analyzed lots of mobile programs, we may say that it can be a thematic picture or background, headline slogan, a short description of how to get rewards, and buttons to share.

Program link name and placement

What will be the text of the program link? In our reviews, we gave examples of the apps where link text and the title of the page are quite different. For example, in the Uber application link with the text "Free ride" leads to the section "Share", and in TabbedOut "Refer for rewards" leads to "Refer a friend". And of course, we should think about the placement of this link. It should be noticeable and easy to find so that users don't think about where this link is or how to share this app with their friends.

Main sections of your mobile reference program

Probably we all know that users need the "Invite friends" page to share the app or website. But at the same time, they may need to track their rewards, get push notifications when they get rewarded, and some other options that are not so obvious at first sight. So, all these sections should be carefully thought out, designed, and finally coded.

How to optimize your program for sharing on social media?

Users of your app are expected to be inclined to share links to social apps they love the most. So you can assume what are those apps to make the corresponding buttons more noticeable. Another good practice is to let users edit the text they're going to share. Personalized content will attract more attention from their friends, relatives, and peers. And if you expect the user to copy the personal link or promo code from the screen just make them tap-to-copy available.

And what about E-mail and SMS?

Keep in mind that social networks are not the only channels to invite friends. E-mail and SMS are still relevant for these purposes (Paypal uses only these two options for example). As for E-mail, sharing you can automatically open email accounts and adjust the size of the screen to make sharing more mobile responsive. And SMS composing probably will fully be controlled by the SMS application.

How to choose a moment to ask for sharing?

It is believed that very efficient option is to offer users share your app when it evokes positive emotions. For example when users make a purchase or after receiving it, when they write positive reviews on your goods or have a positive experience with the support. In a word, when they are inspired by something related to your application. This approach will definitely lead you to have more chances of referring your product. And no matter is it a laptop or mobile adapted website or app.

And finally, who should get a reward?

The common trend says: that both users should get rewards if one of them invites the other and the invited user performs the desired action. It can easily be explained because using of application should be interesting for all participants in the process. Also, such invitations have features of a game and traits of caring for each other that makes it even more interesting. Choosing the type and size of the reward you should think about the things that are valuable and enjoyable for your customers. Such things should motivate existing customers to share your app at every opportunity and new clients to start using it easily and happily.

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