What would be the Future of the On-Demand Economy?

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Almost everywhere speaking with clients or colleagues, friends or even relatives - all of these people ask me the same question. Should I talk about the potential trillion-dollar valuation, or the global dominance of a single company in the domain of ground transportation, or a single food delivery service changing the face of order procurement? From a professional service offering pet walkers to people who can help me retrieve my TV Remote from the couch, the future of the on-demand economy is not about numbers alone, but about the fate of a civilization, connected to their basic utilities through technology solutions.

1. The dusk of 2010s: It will penetrate every pocket. From the Uber(s) to the Zomato(s), and to the innovatively disrupting Jugnoo(s), one can expect on-demand enterprises to emerge across the world, and their users would be the urban people and urban poor.

2. The dawn of 2020s: This is when the game will start to change. Drones and driverless deliveries would be a reality, and with the expanding infrastructure in rural areas in developing economies like India and China, more enterprises will flourish, but many would flounder too.

3. The 2020s, Rise, and Fall: Not everyone will live to see the end of the tunnel. Uber may attain global dominance, or else, the local disruption in the form of Jugnoo in India or Halo in Dublin might rule the roost. Whatever the end might be for enterprises, the customers are going to win, and with their services, these enterprises will usher a change in lifestyle and disruption in civilization the world over. Alongside, you could see the world democratic governments integrating the on-demand culture to their administrative methodologies to get the job done.

Around the horizon, the on-demand economy's future is all about taking utilities to users through technology, and with the Internet of Things being a reality, it's all going to happen in the on-demand economy.
Volodymyr Andrushenko
Co-founder, Business Development Manager at CookieDev
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