Logistics and Map Based Projects
Most modern applications use location features to improve performance. From dating to taxi, social network, or real estate - many businesses using geolocation as an instrument.
75% uses nav apps
of all smartphone owners
grow by $287.1
market expected growth
b2c logistics apps will resize up to
Are you a...
or do you have an existing
marketplace app to maintain and improve?
Common features
Tracking on map
Problem? Position objects on the map and track their location
Solution! Integrate one of available map solutions (Google Maps, Apple Maps, MapBox, Openstreed Map) based on project specifications.
Problem? Need to route users to specific location and customize their navigation experience
Solution! Turn-by-turn navigation with MapBox SDK or general route details from any other vendor like Apple or Google
Pay by time or distance
Problem? Business model depends on time or distance
Solution! Based on coordinates calculate distance, speed and acceleration. No map integration is needed for this, done by device sensors
Problem? Need to keep up communications with users
Solution! Push notifications about important updates based on app related events or pre-defined factors. Good practise to include Firebase Cloud Messaging
Problem? Logic is based on a predefined geographical area
Solution! Based on coordinates apps can calculate if they are within the poligon for geo-fencing features. No map integration is required.
Projects completed
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Electric scooters rentals and a city guide. Umiigo enables you to spend more time exploring the best spots a city has to offer.
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An auto transportation and premier towing app that connects customers with their ideal transporters
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The application which helps to easily find, buy, sell or rent any real estate object nearby or at the remote location. Advanced filters, saved searches, favorites and more.
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Bike sharing service, where users can easily rent a nearby bike and leave it at a convenient location afterwards.
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Between cities delivery services marketplace with in-app roads navigation using Google Directions API, Stripe for receiving and sending payments
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Restaurant delivery services marketplace. Has 2 apps: driver (who applies to jobs, deliver orders) and client (restaurants who need something delivered).
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Application been concentrating around places on a map. Users can find and discover interesting places nearby where other users or friends had a good time.
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The key points working with us
  1. Live daily calls with PM, we keep Trello board up to date to visualize the progress. No charge for PM.
  2. QA engineers are regularly rotated, to ensure fresh opinions on use cases and more bugs discovered. No charge for QA.
  3. Weekly design reviews to achieve pixel-perfect results. No charge for design reviews.
  4. All our management staff (like PMs) permanently takes UX courses and lectures so we are up to date with all the trends and best practices with everything we do. Your success is our success.
  5. We have our own and running marketplace apps, so we know the way the cookie crumbles.
  6. Our Upwork profile with 30+ straight 5 star reviews for the past several years from clients mostly from the US and Europe. No single 4 stars there:
  7. Alternatively, Clutch profile with more reviews: https://clutch.co/profile/cookiedev

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