Success factors in the building sharing economy platform

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1) Develop a trust relationship

The main factor of the growing sharing economy platform it's building transparent relationships between users.

You have more opportunities to compare the prices or costs of the goods or services you need. Many platforms have built-in ratings and reviews, helping you get the best price and quality, but also offer support in case of abuse.

2) Easy transaction process

All competitor platforms have build-in payment platforms in their Web or Mobile apps. That reduces the transaction cost and becomes a barrier for scammers.

Mobile apps are usually offering different discounts and lower prices, which engage more users.

3) Constant engagement of users

It's quite easy to maintain a certain scale of demand and supply:

offer promotions, discounts.

Quite popular is growing a circle of users when you can invite your friends using a referral link and both will receive a benefit.

4) Make it simple

The easier consumers can the good or the service (especially compared to the traditional way) the better.
Remember AirBnB, Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, Lendi just do one thing and do it very straightforward thus convenient.

Tetyana Holovchenko
Co-founder, Marketing specialist at CookieDev
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