Stepan Radiboh

Hey! I am a CEO of CookieDev agency and been creating mobile and web projects for over 10 years how. I have a high education in economy, love literature, modern arts and wakeboarding !
I believe that the impossible is nothing and have a broad area of expertise in IT area. Over my long IT career been finding myself in leading development processes, as well as being a startup owner for my own digital ideas.
10 years experience creating web and mobile projects. 15 years overall IT experience
Ukrainian 🇺🇦 father of 3 boys
Product owner: "Version" remote traying platfrom, "Rooky" beauty services marketplace, other smaller projects
If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late.
— Reid Hoffman
Articles I've wrote
I write about various subjects which any startup or SMB owner will find useful during their journey. I'm listing below the most noticeable ones.
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that's not everything though
Have wide expertise in following domains
marketplace development, e-learning, map-based projects, blockchain and much more
I'm glad to meet new people!
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WhatsApp: +380 (Ukraine) 050 481 93 09
E-mail: [email protected]