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Not so long ago, modern technologies introduced wearables into people's everyday life. These are electronic devices that are designed for tracking various information in real-time. They come in the form of accessories that can be comfortably worn on a body and perform a wide range of functions, from computing to health-tracking services. These gadgets are powered by microprocessors and scanners that are synced with smartphones or computers and send data via the Internet. Thanks to numerous benefits to both businesses and individuals, wearable application development is on the rise today. Although, the demand for app development for wearable devices is gaining more popularity, there are many nuances to know before building such an app.
Typical Solutions
We are capable to create apps like:
Fitness Tracking
Various sports and physical activity tracking
Medical devices
Show critical measures, sync real-time data, track all the important health parameters, and import the data to the platform
Smart home devices
App systems to control complex home infrastructures

Medication and relaxation devices
Away from the phone to get to a deep level of concentration
Position tracking
Precise location tracking and location dynamics
Apple / Android watch apps
Any app that is supported by Apple or Android Watch OS
software development process has a lot of challenges and roadblocks
Challenges in wearable app development.

Unfortunately, many wearable apps (same is for IoT devices) fail to get sustainable engagement. No wonder, this software development process has a lot of challenges and roadblocks.

  • Data security. Wearable apps involve a lot of data-sharing features. Therefore, data security is one of the major concerns for Android wear app development. It is advisable to implement strong user authentication to prevent personal information breaches.
  • Timely updates. Wearables are evolving really fast, and it is vital to catch up with the latest trends and novelties in this sphere. Timely updates will maintain users' interest and bring long-term success.
  • Battery life. It is really annoying when users are forced to continuously charge their gadgets. So try to develop OS apps that are battery-friendly. The solutions that easily drain your device will not survive for long. The app must allow the gadget to function flawlessly in a power-intensive mode.
  • Functionality. The screen size of portable devices is usually smaller than in tablets and smartphones, so one of the essential tasks is to develop an Android wear app for iPhone with a laconic yet efficient interface that would process and transmit data fast and clearly.
Wearable apps considerably differ from other digital products. There are enough additional nuances to take into account to come up with a competitive product.
Related Projects
Following are some of the projects we've done in the wearables field to highlight our experience.
tVNS Patient

an app for stimulation device with helps with various mental disorders.

Interesting technologies:
BLE, custom graphs.Communication with your tVNS nextGen neurostimulator.
Using tVNS Patient, you can read the current stimulation intensity directly from your phone.


It's an electric scooter rental app with sightseeing and leisure objects on map-connected Stripe payments integration.

Uses MQTT protocol to communicate with scooters which are a standard messaging protocol for the Internet of Things.

An application that connects to branded BLE (Bluetooth low energy) beacons and shows where they are for the user to find his important things.

There is a radar to show the distance and direction where user should search for the beacon and it also can trigger light and sound signals from beacons.

Silo is a subscription-based app where users can stay focused on certain tasks, it's full functionality becomes available after purchase. (WatchOS).

Silo is designed around a minimal experience to keep you focused on what matters. The focus-break (a.k.a. pomodoro) method is motivating, rewarding, and fully customizable to your preferences. Simply press focus.

What spheres have adopted this technology with the best results?
Benefits of wearables for different industries

The very first wearable apps were created for the military. But soon, these digital solutions entered the consumer market, encouraging rapid wear of app development. Today, wearable apps have become commonplace, improving all fields, from homes to industries. What spheres have adopted this technology with the best results?

  • Healthcare. This industry probably has benefited the most from wearable apps. Portable devices allow tracking many aspects of human activity – from monitoring biological data to preventing various diseases. Custom applications effectively connect doctors and patients, improving medical services and making them more accessible.
  • Sport and fitness. Digital solutions have literally broken the boundaries of these industries. Now everyone can easily opt for remote training. It is possible to develop apps for Android wear for personal use, as well as software for professional athletes.
  • Fashion. It is already not a surprise that many brands produce smart garments and accessories with functional technology. They implement sensors for tracking biometric parameters and improving everyday life quality.
  • Gaming. Haptic devices and VR wearables have entirely transformed the gaming industry. Tactile experiences skyrocket user involvement and give a further boost to various digital solutions.
  • Business. Wearable devices can effectively measure staff productivity. By introducing wearables for the workforce, the employer can significantly enhance the overall company's performance.

These technologies keep developing, penetrating in other spheres of everyday life and drastically refurbishing old patterns for the better.
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