Trends that are driving customer service

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Here are three important trends that are worth attention to:

Real-time communication
Chatbots are quite limited in their responses so they usually don't solve user's problems. Due to this reason, they arent cause a positive effect. Top companies will be hesitant to roll them out. On the other hand, people will always serve other people with human position and custom care. The future trend will do in this direction - it's fast availability of a real person to talk to.
So, the key features that will be critical to customer retention in the future are live chat software, self-serve apps, queue-less phone calling.
Multichannel customer support: combining offline and online shopping, connecting video, using apps adopted for different devices, going through sales funnel together with the customer.
That's all help users that have different digital skills finish their buying journey. With increasing complexity on platforms, it's critical to provide seamless support for customers. As an example, you can use short tutorial videos into the customer service experience. The millennials prefer videos, so that helps customer support feel more intimate and real for users.

Go with:
Webinars offer face-to-face, real-time content right to the mobile or laptop of your customer. It could be used for mass reaching customers.
Real example - pandemic, influenced on the delivery time. Creating the webinar solves the problem of repetitive calling, and helps to spread the announcement quickly to a wild range of customers.
Another example is video 1-to-1support of customers that could help to increase the bucket size.

Video email
Currently, the email lose its palm in marketing. For making them more personalized and less spamming embedded video. Such emails have more response and engagement levels. Instead of sending them a long, boring email, shoot the video that explains the issue instead. Empowered Customer Service Representatives
Such kind of employees use their skills and able to tale actions that helps the customers. So, they can sole any issues without disturbing the heads of departments.Don't make customers wait while your rep has to ask someone else. And, definitely don't make the customer have to wait for the rep to follow up.
Tetyana Holovchenko
Co-founder, Marketing specialist at CookieDev
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