Types of Carwash Mobile Apps

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1. Apps that are dedicated

For those who have their businesses dedicated to the only cars, washes can get such an app developed for their company. Through this, they can offer all services along with personalized services to their clients. Since all industries and businesses are coming up with their apps, this platform works well with an on-demand car wash app as well. Look at some benefits that one can derive from such apps:

✅ The overall ROI (Return on Investment) is augmented efficiently.
✅ The user engagement ratio gets higher and more enhanced.
✅ Timely delivery of the services, noting the time that is most suitable to the client. Also, provide updates on any new services or changes at the car wash center.
✅ Provide various categories of car wash to a user to choose from.

2. Aggregator apps

In such apps, the developer will incur just a one-time cost of developing the app. He creates a platform where the detailers and the customers meet and choose the services they want from an array of them being offered. It is a standalone business model where the detailer offers his service and gets in touch with the clients.
Tetyana Holovchenko
Co-founder, Marketing specialist at CookieDev
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