Why React Native is a great platform to launch your MVP?

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Did you know that on the App Store or Google play almost 5000 applications are launched daily?
And the mark of 5 million apps is already taken.
That means if you still thinking about launching your app, somebody might be taking a similar idea into the production just now. In this post, I'll cover the best features of React Native as a platform to run your MVP.

So, what is React Native and why does each startup need to know about it? React Native is a javascript framework for building cross-platform apps. This open-source framework is utilized for building interfaces targeting mobile platforms. With the tools and features of React Native, you can develop at robust speed with cost-effective rates. With React Native, you can write real, natively rendering mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android quickly and efficiently. That's because React Native is based on React which is Facebook's JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Lastly - why React Native is a great platform to launch your MVP?

Let's find out!

Reusable code - React Native offers cost-effectivity for your MVP development. As we mentioned earlier that it is a cross-platform framework, React Native developers can use the same code for the app across various platforms. Moreover, the programmers' productivity also gets increased as half of their development efforts will get reduced.

Cost-Effective Development - As a startup, you might have a tight hand on budgets, and you would be willing to save costs. Then, in such cases, React Native can be a good option for you. The reason is that as the application is developed with a single codebase, the development cost will be way lower. Don't expect 50% degrees in time-to-market, but about 30% will definitely be cut off.

Comes with In-Built Components - React Native has an open-source library that includes various build-in components useful for MVP development. Your MVP app development will be accelerated with the use of these components. For some specific applications, it allows programmers to utilize the codes pre-written by someone else.

Suitability - For the elementary MVP version of your MVP application, React Native is a preferred choice as it allows you to write codes in plain JavaScript. It offers you the state models and components that create the interface as well as logic. Moreover, you can scale up our MVP application in the later stage seamlessly to add more features, functionalities, and design attributes.

Third-Party Plugins - One more reason to use React Native for building an MVP is the third-party plugins. That means you can use modules created by third party for building the MVP application. Hence, a lot of effort and valuable time will be saved in the minimum viable product development cycle.

Stable Community - When you decide to use React Native for your MVP, it ensures that it is possible to attain your objectives with this technology. Because it has great support of the community, and it is backed by the engineering of Facebook.

Delivering new products is a risky business. Customers don't just want to use it, they want to be delighted. And here's where an MVP can help you avoid unnecessary spending. With such an approach, you can test business ideas in real market conditions and receive user feedback within the shortest possible time. It's a safe way to launch a new product. React Native has great potential for MVP development – regardless of what your business idea is. The framework is evolving rapidly as developers constantly add new features. React Native is the shortest route to accomplish your project.

What other companies are using React Native? You would be surprised, but there are a lot of well-known names among them: Facebook, Instagram, Coinbase, Shopify, Discord, Skype, Pinterest, Tesla, Uber Eats, Salesforce, and much much more.

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Volodymyr Andrushenko
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