Get paid for your virtual meetings. Online meetings booking platform, allows to get connected with specialists in various fields (doctors, lawers, etc) via voice / video calls and chats.

What's done

Project aims for increasing individual professionals online presence by presenting the ability to book paid video calls/chats with those specialists
Key to the success of this project was intelligent implementing of WebRTC solutions for the video-calls and the payment system with various currencies (both fiat and crypto) included
We’ve done comprehensive web app from the scratch with pixel-perfect designs and easy to use and understandable system
Lots of professionals face difficulties with complicated solutions while trying to monetize their knowledge online. Kozez is on its way to help them
Technically challenging in this project was to get together a complex marketplace-style booking system with payment capabilities in crypto and fiat assets
Kozez helps to leverage an online activity of professionals and monetize their knowledge only in 3 easy steps

The result

Building your online presence with pleasure
Use Kozez to increase your online presence and meet with clients globally via video, voice or text. No downloads required.
Quick and simple turnaround
Earning with Kozez is simple, as the platform provides all the tools you need to set up a booking page and chat with your audience on any web browser
Usable on any screen
Desktop, laptop or mobile phone - app has a great usability regardless
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