A revolutionary Ed-tech & Edutainment platform with the mission to make online learning more inclusive and culturally relevant for emerging global consumers.

What's done

The platform is the easiest way for members to find and connect with experts within their organizations for mentorship, career support, and personal advice.
The project is website based. A notable feature of the project is AI-powered matching based on skills and goals, calendar integration with a booking system, and also flexible video/audio methods for members to connect.
The most technically challenging parts are advanced scheduling (including sync with 3rd party calendars) and high-quality video conferences between mentors and mentees.
During the creation e-learning platform, we extensively researched the most successful e-learning apps to come up with a distinctive approach, design, and set of features. We also delved into the latest advancements in digital learning technology to ensure that our app would offer high-quality educational content and a seamless user experience.
This project is perfect for everyone who is seeking guidance and support in their professional development. This can include students, recent graduates, mid-career professionals looking to switch fields, and anyone looking to improve their skills and advance their career.
Lagasyshift offers personalized and tailored learning methods that are tailored to the individual's needs and goals. This can help learners to stay motivated and engaged, while also receiving valuable guidance and support from experienced professionals in their field.

The result

Real Time Reporting and Analytics
Access insightful data and analytics to track activities and measure impact.
Scheduling & Booking
View availability and directly book a 1:1 session, automated notifications about upcoming sessions in a calendar.
Video/Audio chat
Flexible video/audio methods for members to connect.
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