On-demand cleaning, babysitting, and dog walking services to busy city residents integrated with Braintree (a PayPal company) payments.

What's done

For some projects, payments integration is a pain, but not when you work with Braintree (a PayPal company). It worked like a charm and was seamlessly integrated.
As part of the project, we've created iOS and Android apps for clients to order services. Android app for the ones who deliver services and an admin panel to control projects key performance indicators and users activity.
UX challenge was to make ordering process simple while keeping a lot of fields in the form to make an accurate order.
To make the ordering process simple and fast we had to examine best practices for the alike project. And we feel we've made it just awesome and handy, saving as much as we could information for a fast reorder.
We had two types of users with a completely different philosophy and different devices category. For Clients, we've focused on latest OS version and both iOS and Android, while for executors we had to think of an old and weak devices.
Special emphasis was made on how fast executors get notified, react and take orders. I would give us a star for that in this project.

The result

Simple ordering wizard
Very well visualized and intuitive ordering wizard with the accent on icons and fewer words makes it easy for new users to order the services they need and get through all the order details.
Users in control
Executors had nice and detailed statistics about their orders and incomes, as well as mechanisms which allowed not to miss the best new orders nearby.
Divide and conquer
Project was limited to Dubai (United Emirates), and we've made mechanisms to notify users about this limitation as well as highlight this to avoid accidental users.
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