Bike sharing service, where users can easily rent a nearby bike and leave it at a convenient location afterwards. Powered by BrainTree (PayPal company) and Google navigation services.

What's done

The most challenging part here was not to have the bikes stolen. We had to think about a system to track bikes and their rotes in real time, as well as note the last know location. This way, we kept track of bikes for supervisors and showed next users where the bike is so they could rent it.
Project consists of: iOS and Android client apps where they can find, rent and pay for bikes; "shepherds" Android app for bike supervisors so would check bikes from time to time in case they got broken; admin panel for the essential metrics and users management.
As users pay for time they are using the bike, it was an interesting task to sync users time with the server during the ride, so they would see correct price during the trip despite what could happen.
We had to do a lot of tests in the real world, actually go outside the office and see how it works and collect data to make sure everything is stable for the real users.
There are two types of users: regular clients who rent the bikes and "shepherds" who look after bikes, as well as help if something gets broken.
It may sound funny but appeared quite entertaining, each bike has it's own history with reviews and picture gallery, as users need to take a picture where they left the bike as well as leave a note for the next user.

The result

Choose a bike
When the app opens, we take users location and show him a route on map to a the nearest bike along with 15 other closest bikes to user to choose from.
Book a ride
With BrainTree integration, we've made payments easy. With a smart UX, we made re-ordering even more easy and seamless.
Receipt, map, history
We show user his route and route summary after the ride, as well as make sure he leaves a feedback for the next user. A lot of attention to coordinates and directions for the next user to easily start his ride.
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