Between cities delivery services marketplace. Interesting technologies: in-app directions (building a route to a certain place) using Google Directions API, Stripe for receiving and sending payments (Stripe Connect), sms gateway (gatewayapi.com), emails (SendGrid), Google Maps. Website: https://pickuplz.com

What's done

Peer-to-peer courier delivery services marketplace aimed at hard-to-ship or cherished items. Everyone can join and start earning after being approved by a moderation team.
Bringing all the core MVP marketplace technologies in one place to ensure best user experience around one delivery feature: instant chats, double-blind rating system, activity grades, automated payments, easy moderation flow.
Initially built for iOS platform with Laravel-based admin panel with dashboard and users management features. Design was inspired by black-n-white pallet, had even a map tiles customized to match.
One the biggest challenges was to organize logistics of the delivery so driver could plan pickups while on a regular daily routing route. The main use-case was around people with large cards going to/from their main job and pickup deliveries along the route. The second tricky part was to count delivery price based on dimensions and distance.
Two types of users: regular users and drivers. Drivers pass moderation by uploading their docs and having interview (managed via admin panel) before they can start working. Regular users can post a delivery within seconds after registering, their use-cases are inspired by leading apps best practices for "Easy-to-use" smooth experience.
For this project we've build our own chat framework from the group up including web sockets setup and UI itself, which gave us a great experience with such a complex feature commonly used for alike projects.

The result

Fully customized map
Tiles styled to match the overall concept, custom objects on map, in-app route planning and visualization.
Double-blind rating system and chats
Advanced rating system to keep marketplace safe and trustworthy, user moderation and monitoring, all the questions are solved in a chat.
Stripe payments
Reoccurring payments with saved payment method, payout to bank account or debit card via Stripe Connect Express Accounts.
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