Restaurant delivery services marketplace. Has 2 apps: driver (who applies to jobs, deliver orders) and client (restaurants who need something delivered). Interesting technologies: Google Maps, Stripe payments (Stripe Connect to receive payments), SMS gateway integration to validate phone numbers, Google Maps:

What's done

Classy marketplace for a rapidly evolving market of food delivery which brings together freelance delivery drivers, restaurants with their points of sale together.
Scope had iOS, Android native mobile apps, admin panel to control key metrics and services, backend with integration with third party POS services to bring even more opportunities to drivers and additional benefits to restaurants.
The most complicated parts where related to handling payment flows covering various real life valid cancellation cases and service policies. Testing it to perfection took significant amount of time and effort, but we got to a stable and scalable service in a timely manner still.
Analyzed best practices from other delivery platforms as Uber Eats and Glovo to bring similar experience to drivers, and give restaurants a place to pay less for delivery services.
Two types of users: restaurant administrators and drivers. Drivers are a less tech savy users group with quite wide funnel thus we had to do several iterations to help them by-bass moderation process easily and get on-boarded with the service for the first job. Restaurants from other side don't have time to understand how this or that works and value simplicity first hand.
Very interesting task was to work with third party computer vision libraries to give restaurants and drivers options to seamlessly add delivery drops to the service using their phone camera. Basically by taking a picture of the receipt all the data was typed in and parsed into the service to start a delivery order.

The result

Support different delivery transport
Very flexible options for drivers to get paid based on their available transport options according to different rates.
Working with drops and shifts
Several working modes: either by time working on multi deliveries or by the exact delivery to a certain location.
Stripe Connect Payouts
Fully rounded Stripe integration for both accepting the payments and getting drivers paid.
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