A beauty services marketplace, aimed at freelance beauty professionals and their clients. This is our own project where we put a little bit of ourselves in every line of code.

What's done

Advanced Calendar. The most challenging part was to create Booking Schedule for professionals and the interactive calendar of all bookings. Payments gateway, advanced users analytics, the system of cascade emails and push notifications based on users progress were not even close to that.
Created a complex solution on major platforms. Fully functional on desktops, separate mobile version, iOS and Android apps. Facebook and Telegram bots are in-progress.
It took us special effort to create a comprehensive stylists' profile where they can set their location and address, services menu with description and prices, schedule and general information, clients registry etc.
Started with research among beauty professionals, then the next step was to provide MVP to first users to see how users will like the concept. After detailed work on mistakes, native apps were launched to meet all the feedback.
Application was made for two types of users which had completely different interfaces with different use-cases: client and beauty stylist.
As the project relies a lot on user reviews, we've added gamification mechanism in a form of "levels" for beauty pros which change based on users activity. From other side, clients see pros with the highest level first.

The result

Effective search based on stylists "levels", location or service price. Search list or show on the map. Booking wizard, reminders about appointments, notifications about appointments status.
Professionals public profile
Informative profiles with services menu, portfolio gallery, used cosmetics, location and address, accurate schedule and free slots. Favourite stylists, top stylists around.
CRM for a freelance beauty pro
Everything a beauty pro may need to run their business as a freelance in a phone app or in the browser. Bookings schedule, clients registry, appointments statistics and history by client, flexible schedule settings.
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