On-demand cleaning services marketplace, which gives job to potential maids and high quality and timely service to clients.

What's done

Definitely, the most challenging part was integration with Kazakhstan payment gateway using outdated, inaccurate manuals and unexpected not documented behavior. Nevertheless, we made it and made it stable.
The application was created for both iOS and Android platforms. We also developed a landing page and comprehensive admin panel to monitor key performance indicators and users activity.
Another non-trivial task that we encountered was to create an advanced algorithm based on defining which maids can take new orders. These orders should not interrupt active ones and those which are not confirmed.
Before the project was started we've investigated similar modern projects for on-demand cleaning services and analyzed possible use-cases for two present types of users.
The project was made as two-in-one for two types of users: clients who order services and maids who deliver services. Each one has a unique interface and unique features.
Attentively planned rating system encourages both types of users not to miss a chance to give a feedback after the order.

The result

Maids profile
Planned to the last detail maid's profile lets clients pick only the best hit for their order.
List of orders
System was designed for maids to quickly notice and accept new orders in a handy way from a list or on map.
Interactive map
Clients can see maids nearby in real time on the map, check their profile and order maids they like directly.
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