Online platform for offline and online speed friending events. The platform itself has a lot of typical social network features like online chat, friends lists, as well as dating typical features like extended profiling, matching, and suggestions mechanisms. 
The online speed friending is done via in-app online conference capabilities and is one of the central parts of the project. With AWS back-end and WebRTC functionality integrated.

What's done

Speedfriending is the fun and social little sister of the more well known dating concept. It’s designed to spark creative conversations and to lower the threshold for talking with strangers. Showing that good conversations and possible friendships is just a simple hey – and question away.
Most of the solutions for this projects were laying on the ground and was easy to pick up - such as scheduling, list of events and matching. Still, our team have done extended research in the niche of advanced social media features and high-load video calls while transferring projects from offline to digital conception
We’ve done both iOS and Android apps from the ground base and still helping to scale it. Also, a fancy-looking landing page is on us.
Regardless to your interests app will help you to satisfy most of the desires through socialization and finding new friends
The most complex part was being in the middle of a pandemic with restrictions that make socializing more challenging, we have to change the concept of the apps to the digital surfaces.
The app aims at fighting loneliness and involuntary isolation (due to COVID restrictions) as one of the biggest health challenges of our time

The result

Find events near you
There is nothing quite like our live events. We’ve made sure you’re always up to date with when, and where our next event takes place. If you don’t find any events near you, reach out and we will try to make one!
Match with people based on location and interests
Almost like Tinder, but with the intention of making friendzoning strangers. Swipe through the fun people and match based on your location, interests and age. Making new friends has never been easier
Get the conversation started
Not sure how to start the conversation? With our ice-breaking questions that’s not gonna be a big problem. With hundreds of fun and creative questions you will never miss a topic to talk about!
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