Trip Analysis
The app automatically calculates the carbon usage of each trip based on the mode of transportation used.

What's done

Trip Analysis - counting users' carbon usage, based on trips made by various transport (car, bike, walk)
The project has iOS and Android users facing native mobile apps and a website. A notable features are an automatic calculation of carbon emissions and a comparison between different modes of transportation to help users make more sustainable choices.
One of the most difficult challenges in developing an app that tracks users' carbon usage based on trips made by various modes of transportation is accurately calculating the carbon emissions associated with each trip. This requires access to reliable data on the emissions produced by different types of vehicles, as well as consideration of variables such as distance, speed, and route.
During the creation platform, we were inspired by the idea to create a tool that could help individuals make more environmentally-conscious travel choices by providing them with detailed information on the carbon emissions associated with each trip.
Trip Analysis project is perfect for individuals, students, professionals, and anyone who is looking to reduce their unuseful impact on the environment.
This project not only shows carbon usage but also tally the number of trees that need to be planted to offset your carbon.TripAnalysis was developed for providing small changes to our routine riding which can make a big difference to our planet.

The result

Custom map in all the senses
Automatic tracking of trips using GPS or integration with other transportation apps.
Unique content
Calculation of carbon emissions based on the mode of transportation used for each trip.
Stories, posts, places, friends
Setting of carbon reduction goals and personalized recommendations for reducing carbon footprint.
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