Applications for a tourism company TEZ TOUR which give users options to search and book hotels, tours and flights to more than 20 destinations. Right now in closed Beta.

What's done

We've made version 2.0 of the app for this tourism agency, where rewrote everything from the scratch. First version had been developed for several years before we've started, and the goal was to keep and rethink all the past functionality and give users additional benefits.
We've made iOS and Android versions of the app with an accent on phones. Along with that, we've made UX assistance for customers designers to help to recreate all the previous features in a more comfortable way.
Project had a very complex results filter which helped users to filter out only results they are actually interested in. Filter had a UX challenge not to show "nothing found" in any cases and we've made it to work really good.
To make the project really handy for the user, we had to understand the whole algorithm of how hotels and tours are being searched and discovered. We've deeply analyzed quite a few similar projects.
Application was aimed at users with middle to high level of income, so we had to make sure it works flawless on all the latest devices out there.
Along with helping users to find the best deals out there, the app automatically ties each user to a nearby representative, so each user could really get a personalized support in case any questions.

The result

Flexible search
Flexible search options helped users to find the best deals with just few taps. We saved as much information user selects, so every new interaction with the app makes it even easier to use.
Detailed hotel profile
All the hotels in the app had really detailed descriptions with pictures, overview info, user reviews and even map.
Thousands of tours, hotels and air tickets
Anything you may need to travel in one app. Sort or filter results, so should exactly what you're interested in right now. The best deals are also highlighted so you won't miss them!
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