Top 10 Examples Of Mobile Referral Programs (Paypal, Airbnb, and others)

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Did you know that world-famous mobile services constantly engage new customers using referral programs? Of course, if we talk about mobile applications, programs should be well adapted for smartphone and tablet users. So how do they do that? How do they make people try out their apps? How do they implement "Invite friends" page and other components of the mobile referral program? Let's talk about it in our today's article.


For example, Uber offers to get a free ride that costs up to $5 if a customer refers their service to a friend by sharing a link or promo code. At the same time, invited users can get a free ride too. Uber app allows everybody to track their rewards and receive messages about new free rides. So referral page contains the header "Share Uber", a description of the rewards plan, and the share buttons.


Almost the same way does the renowned American service TabbedOut, which lets customers pay quickly at many bars and restaurants. In their referrers section, users can find personal promo codes to share. In the same section, they can see how much funds were accumulated with sharing and then spend them via the same application. Here we see nothing special in the design, but it is clean and clear.


Airbnb platform promises customers $75 when their friends rent Airbnb places and $25 when they travel. The referral page consists of thematic background, a header "Earn travel credit", a description, and a big blue button with the text "Invite friends". After pressing this button customer may choose a platform to share the link. And the other option is to copy the link to use it the alternative way.


We actually don't know, who else can be invited to this app, but the referral program keeps going and the slogan is rather simple: "Invite a friend. Get $10". In fact, the customer should send a penny to his friend, after that he signs up, then spends $5, and only after that both of them get $10 from Paypal. Contact with potential referrals is possible only via E-mail or SMS. The referrals page is designed with a classic, well-known Paypal colors, and fonts and explains to us in graphical and text ways how we can earn $10 for ourselves and our friends. Unbelievable, but it still works.


UberEats uses a big image of food at the top of the page and gives the ability to find personal code a little lower on the same page. Being applied by referrals gives them 15% off and 5% off to the referrer. Basic platforms to share are Twitter and WhatsApp, but users have more options if they need them.


The dog walking and boarding service Rover uses banners to engage customers. So, a banner, a message about rewards, and a share button is all we see on the "Invite Friends" page. It seems to be the simplest pattern to explain to users what should they do. By the way, the earnings for inviting friends are $20 for their first booking.


The investment app Robinhood offers us to visit two pages if we want to invite friends. On the first page, we see people in Robin's hat, which invite a girl, that doesn't have such a hat yet. So we see that this girl may become a part of a big community. Below this picture, there is a slogan that however doesn't promise any rewards. And at the bottom of the page, we finally see the invite button. By pressing this button, we appear on the second page. It contains header, slogan, and buttons to share the app in different ways, including E-mail and SMS.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

The rewards algorithm is very simple. After referred users spend $10 you get $5 to your account. "Refer a friend" page is designed in a very simple way. Description of how to get $5 and 3 buttons to share the app on Facebook, Twitter, and via E-mail. But there is one feature that differs their service among others. Users can register QR codes and earn credits when referrals scan this code.


This app that helps people to find freelancers for housework has both mobile and desktop referral programs. The slogan is: "Give $20, get $20". And the rewards algorithm behind it is a little bit more complicated. Friends of the referrer get $20 off their first task, and the referrer gets $20 when the task is completed. The design of the "Refer Friends" page is very simple. The page contains the picture of a smartphone with a letter inside it, a slogan, a description, a personal link to share, and the buttons of some popular ways to share this link.


As you see, in most cases services take into account that the size of the mobile screen can be rather small. So, banner or thematic background, headline slogan, short descriptions of referral program conditions, and the share buttons – are the almost only elements to be placed on the "Invite Friends" page.

Also, it's always interesting to come up with the text of the link that leads us to the invite page. And finally, there is a need to design a section where users can track their rewards. What will be in this section? How to make it more convenient and inspiring for users of your app?

We are sure that answering these questions will help you to build your own mobile referral program the best way. And being analyzed in depth our today's examples will help you even more.

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