Social network based on the map. Interesting technologies: fully custom (build from the ground up) chat solution, integration with SoundCloud to get audios which could be placed on top of user-generated content; Integration into augmented reality video filters (ex funny ears), custom layout for Google Maps.

What's done

Application been concentrating around places on a map, so map has a central place there. Users can find and discover interesting places nearby where other users or friends had a good time.
The project has iOS, Android users facing native mobile apps and an admin control panel for KPIs. Remarkable is the chat the project has, as we've build it from the ground up and extended quite significantly (share custom content / app stories and process them in a unique way, read indicators, one can like messages, group chats etc).
Despite the fact that the map is a central elements, the most technically complicated parts are related to images and video processing. We've created various features like color toning, contracts/brightness, stickers, free license audio tracks on top of video, various video filters and much much more to help create a really unique content.
During development we've analyzed all current popular social networks to come out with a unique approach, style and functionality for the social network. A lot research was also done in image processing direction, as modern social networks have a high expectations about options arround creating content.
Application is aimed at young and progressive people thus design had rather high expectations. Need to highlight full re-branding project went though during journey to find a unique style, and black theme which was was designed in details.
During it's life-cycle the app went though a serious restyling which enhanced overall user experience, user acquisition and store ratings. As part of overall look and feel, we've also create a unique Google Maps colors layout which matched the apps color palette.

The result

Custom map in all the senses
Users and stories nearby visualized on the map with deep integration into Google Places.
Unique content
Broad line of tools and effects to create unique images or videos.
Stories, posts, places, friends
All the aspects of social network rediscovered keeping friends and their stories at fingertips.
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