Electric scooters rentals and a city guide. Umiigo enables you to spend more time exploring the best spots a city has to offer.

What's done

Application which combined two business models in one app: electric scooters rental and a city guide.
The project was made for both iOS and Android, along with design and an admin panel. To communicate with scooters, we also set up MQTT server which gets instant updates from scooters to track their state and location.
Application rely quite heavily on the map, basically map is the central element and all features are available from there. App uses Stripe as a payment gateway to pay for scooter rentals.
During the development of the project, we've completely changed the design layout. Before the initial app release, the project has been renamed and rebranded, thus we had to create a second version of designs with different company colors. Appeared to be easier than it sounds.
Application is designed mainly for tourists, thus shows the most interesting city spots along with featured restaurants. A great idea for additional monetization channel.
More features with scooters are available for administrative staff who can see all scooters on the map, make certain ones invisible, turn on lights along with signal for scooters (to help to find it) and lock/unlock them.

The result

Map-centric approach
In the app different custom objects are displayed on map: scooters, restaurants, sightseeing, museums etc. Featured restaurants are additionally displayed on a slider above the app.
Places of interest
Each place has it's dedicated screen with details. In case of featured restaurants, they can also list here their active discounts and promo codes.
Lock and unlock from the app
After user adds his payment card, he can unlock scooter by scanning QR code and lock scooter with just one button. Users pay pickup fee when they unlock and by-minute price when they finish the ride.
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