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CRM application for Sales teams as part of a complex business management solution offered by

What's done

The most challenging part was to create a highly adjustable board with leads which is a key feature of the app, where each column would represent leads' present status and overall would visualize companies sales funnel.
We took over iOS and Android apps for both phones and tablets (separate design for tablets), as well as design part. During the project, we've closely worked with a remote backend team and used innovative approaches to organize remote teams.
Web project had been actively developed for 10+ years already when we started. Thus an embodiment of web version into the app was not an easy task. We reinvented a lot present user flows to make the project highly intuitive.
We made a deep analysis of other Sales related applications and included the best practices from the world leaders for this project.
Applications were designed for sales teams only, but as the overall project is aimed at big corporations we also had to think about different user permissions and privileges for the same content.
There are a lot of different objects in the project, which can link to each other. Crème de la Creme was application's navigation to make complex things easy.

The result

Visual sales funnel
Highly adjustable visual sales funnel for a specific companies' needs helps sales representatives to work with leads, opportunities, companies, contacts, and tasks on the go.
The way a sales rep needs it
Filters and sorting for all the items in the project which allow each sales representative to adjust the workflow exactly for what he needs right now.
Advanced profiles
Extended profile of different types of sales objects with all the essential and detailed information about them, including the history of relations and what can be useful for the sales rep.
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