An auto transportation and premier towing app that connects customers with their ideal transporters

What's done

We had to pickup an existing code which was quite old of the project which had no users at the time, and breath a new life to it with changing business model, design and main use cases (major UX improvements).
We took over Design, iOS, Android apps and backend. Basically, one day we completely took over this quite large project with all it's parts and issues it had.
The app originally was made by a team who is no longer active using quite old technologies, basically no architecture and quite bad coding practices. We had to reinvent some of the core user cases for the app.
Our designer spent quite a lot of time analysing the most critical app parts to understand how they could be improved, prepared interactive prototypes and visualized animations before we got to coding.
Application users are mainly regular truckers which are far from technologies, that's why we had to keep in mind that everything should be quite intuitive and straight forward.
We've made several illustrations for permissions dialogs in the app, which actually added unique style to overall look and feel.

The result

Advance work with Maps
Building routes from A to B, estimated price based on distance and built route, geocoding and reverse geocoding with Mapbox.
Visual shipment order
All shipment details at glance for the dealer to easily create and share new orders to truckers.
Intuitive flow
Highly visual and intuitive flow to create new orders really easy and fast. 10 times faster than over the phone call.
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