Application for online TV and radio platform, where users can order access to HD channels, TV shows and movies from smartphone, tablet or smart TV.

What's done

Application was made for a service which has been actively developed for a long time and had really a lot of features users been familiar with. The most complicated part was to include that many features in a maximum reasonable time.
We're created Android version of the app for both phones and tablets. There was a separate design for tablets which in some places had a different use cases, so we had to keep the app flexible enough to cover this.
Project had a lot of real time streaming channels and radios, so we had a good experience with live streaming for this project.
Before we've started a project a research was made to investigate arcitectures which could easily manage both phone and tablet version with similar but sometimes different logic.
One of the app goals was to support as many devices as possible. On Ukrainian market one of the popular devices appeared to be Xiaomi, so we had to dedicately rewrite some features for them to work on Xiaomi devices.
Another interesting part of the app was a very flexible marketing tool which allowed to create marketing messages in the app from a builder on admins side. On admin side you could even customize UI for such messages.

The result

Sync across devices
Watch high quality channels, movies and listen to radio acros all devices with a real time sync.
All the entertainment in one place
Best contented attentively picked by staff presented in a friendly and intuitive way. Bookmark TV shows or movies to get back to them whenever you want.
Flexible pricing
Application offers quite a few packages, so any user will find exactly what he needs for an affordable price.
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