Voice over IP calling app where the user could order minutes from the app along with other handy options like contacts sync and option to order a unique personal contact number.

What's done

For this app, of course, the most challenging part was to establish calls and keep the good quality during the call in consideration different devices and different hardware.
iOS and Android apps which had their own different special properties for both background mode and mechanisms to receive calls.
Another part worth mentioning was making the app wake up in the background while the phone is idle or in battery safe mode for users to receive calls.
We had to examine and try quite a few solutions for audio calls to find the right configuration for the app to keep good performance on a variety of devices, especially Android devices.
Our audience for this project was very broad thus one of the main project goals was to deliver high-quality calls to even the weak and old devices.
Users have options not only to order minutes to different countries but also can order a unique phone number which will become their caller ID.

The result

Stable calls
Options to call other users along with regular land and cellular numbers with the same good stable quality.
List of contacts synced with the device contacts. App also supported calls statistics and costs.
Additional essential options like refilling payment balance and options to order a unique caller number.
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