Kivi TV

Application made for a TV manufacturer to control Android TV based hardware from both iOS and Android devices.

What's done

The biggest challenge was to establish connection to the TV itself and get hardware working with the app. For that, we've created a server-side app for Android TV which allowed us to remotely connect to it and control main features within the same Wi-Fi network.
Three apps were made for the project. Client-side (uploaded to stores): iOS and Android remote control; Android app pre-installed on TV hardware which acted as a server to get discovered and control TV features.
The second hardest part after making hardware work was to actually make friends with Android TV platform originally present there and to interact with Android TV "regular" features, like "home" button or "menu".
A lot of research was made into TV hardware and Android TV platform to make the project happen. Sometimes, we found answers where haven't expected them to appear.
Applications were made for users who bought branded TV and aimed at a very big range of devices including really old ones.
All the most used features on every device around, so you wouldn't have to search for a remote again.

The result

Remote control
All most used TV features on every device around, so user wouldn't have to search for a remote again. Change channels, volume, search, standard Android options like “open menu” or “back” button.
Discover and connect
Apps complex allowed to discover TV within the same Wi-Fi network and connect to it. Server app was made to run broadcast, while client apps identified it once on the same network.
Big and comfortable buttons
The goal of the interface was to make it easy to control TV without looking at the app's screen with big buttons on places familiar to the user from a regular remote.
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