Application for website's support button "contact" which allowed instant chat or call connection to support for any website.

What's done

The application had a very complex internal chat system where support agents would receive all the important events like new chats, calls or callbacks along with being an actual instant group chat. Also, we add an additional option for managers to connect to a live call for supervision purposes.
Main project blocks are: instant ground chat, one-on-one chats with visitors, internal audio calls, option to connect and listen to a real-time call, various internal notification and information events which had to have a different visual presentation.
As it happens, the new iOS version made additional restrictions to background mode and we had to find a way to deliver incoming calls and chats 24/7 to all connected agents despite power-saving options and background restrictions.
During the project, we've tried several options for VoIP calls, and now ready to suggest really stable and high-quality solutions which just work.
The application was aimed more at startup owners who run small to middle companies and need to have real-time, timely connections with their users.
I would give us a special star in this project for a chat itself which was truly instant, with a stable sync across devices and a lot of custom project-specific events.

The result

High quality calls
VoIP calls with option to pick up by a first free operator and options to have a simultaneous chat and a phone call with a website user, or to transfer to another available operator in the company.
Chats with custom events
Instant group and one-on-one chats with project-specific active events with which users can interact and highly customizable system notifications.
Additional features to keep users updated
Not only a tool for support, but also a company portal with customizable news and support sections to help users around and take the most of it.
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