Application which connects to branded BLE (bluetooth low energy) beacons and shows where they are for the user to find his important things. There is a radar to show distance and direction where user should search for the beacon and it also can trigger light and sound signals from beacons.

What's done

It was a fun story, but we haven't had any documentation for these particular BLE beacons or any SDK to connect to them. We had to investigate and discover possible commands beacons can accept, starting even with the algorithm to find and connect to them.
We've made apps for iOS and Android for app users, and also left quite a lot of documentation for beacons themselves, so next time we could pick development easily.
Another interesting task was to keep beacons connected to device when it goes to sleep mode, as well as automatically reconnect to them once they are in range.
As beacons haven't had documentation to them, we discovered a lot of tools to find nearby beacons and scan them for possible commands and values these commands accept.
App users were regular people with ordinary devices. We tried to cover a very broad audience and did our best to support all devices which work with BLE 4.0 or higher.
I would give us a start for an intuitive UX of the app. All the features were obvious for the user and easy to understand.

The result

Connect BLE Beacons
Find new ones or reconnect to previously paired BLE beacons. System automatically scans for supported beacons and notifies when new beacons are nearby.
Control beacons
User can see how far is the beacon, see it's power level, trigger beacons to make sound or show on Google map it's last know location.
Adjust beacons
Customize beacons appearance in the app, so you know which thing exact beacon belongs to, set a unique sound to play once an exact beacon is connected.
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