Development of event services projects

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Typical Solutions
We are capable to create apps like:
Community event platform
The social network where you can meet like-minded people, chat with other visitors, discuss upcoming events, and others
On-demand services
Easily search, book, and pay for a florist, decorator, or any event professional

The client relationship management (CRM) tools
Managing client contact information, automating document processes, scheduling consultations, collecting e-signatures, reporting, creating, and collecting online intake forms

Sales Predictor

Allows keeping track of new product arrivals and out-of-stock items, for example, tickets
Event consulting platform

Find and book a session with industry-leading professionals to find answers to any complex questions in a certain field
Charity platform
Collect Items for those in need
Donate and help others and support new charity ideas
Related Projects
Following are some of the projects we've done in the event services field to highlight our experience.
Online platform for offline and online speed friending events. The platform itself has a lot of typical social network features like online chat, and friends lists, as well as typical dating features like extended profiling, matching, and suggestions mechanisms. The online speed friending is done via in-app online conference capabilities and is one of the central parts of the project

A social network based on the map, where users can find and discover interesting places nearby. Despite the fact that the map is a central element, the most technically complicated parts are related to images and video processing
KPI Humans
A reliable cloud-based human resource management system that runs your personnel department with less hassle and paperwork.
Employee Self-Service – Be more efficient with our mobile app that lets employees file their own documents, leaves, expenses, check-ins and check-outs, timesheet hours, and payroll data - on the go or from home
It's an audio-based social media application that helps you easily capture and share your moments in audio

The key points working with us:
  • You pay ONLY for the actual developers' time and get all the benefits of working with a company with a highly-structured process.
  • Live daily calls with PM, we keep Trello board up to date to visualize the progress. No charge for PM.
  • QA engineers are regularly rotated, to ensure fresh opinions on use cases and more bugs discovered. No charge for QA.
  • Weekly design reviews to achieve pixel-perfect results. No charge for design reviews.
  • All our management staff (like PMs) permanently takes UX courses and lectures so we are up to date with all the trends and best practices with everything we do. Your success is our success.
  • We have our own and running marketplace apps, so we know the way the cookie crumbles.
  • Our Upwork profile with reviews from clients mostly from the US and Europe:
  • Alternatively, Clutch profile with more reviews:

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