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Typical Solutions
The solutions that a startup may pursue can vary widely depending on the nature of the business, the industry it operates in, and the specific challenges it faces. However, here are some typical solutions that startups may explore:
Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Developing an MVP with the minimum set of features required to test the market and gather customer feedback. Once feedback is collected, the startup can iterate and improve the product based on the feedback received from the customers.
Building a scalable technology infrastructure
Building a scalable technology infrastructure to support the growth of the business. The infrastructure should be able to support the increasing traffic, data, and customer demands as the business grows. Cloud-based solutions, microservices, and APIs are some of the technologies that can help build a scalable infrastructure.
Implementing lean startup methodology
Implementing lean startup methodology to streamline operations and optimize resource allocation. It involves rapid experimentation, learning, and iteration to create a product that meets customer needs. By implementing lean startup methodology, startups can reduce waste and optimize resource allocation, which can help them achieve success faster.

Developing a strong team with diverse skillsets and experience
Developing a strong team with diverse skillsets and experience to drive the success of the business. Startups need to attract and retain top talent with diverse skill sets and experience to build a strong and effective team. The team should have a mix of technical, business, and creative skills to build and grow the business.
Staying agile and adaptable to changing market conditions and customer needs
Staying agile and adaptable to changing market conditions and customer needs to remain competitive and sustainable. By staying flexible and responsive to changing market conditions, startups can adjust their strategies, products, and services to meet the needs of their customers and remain sustainable over the long term.
Following are some of the projects we've done for the startups to highlight our experience.

a social network based on the map, in which users can find and discover interesting places nearby. Despite the fact that the map is a central element, the most technically complicated parts are related to images and video processing.
We've created ETH based token and own cryptocurrency for the BlackDot project.


a marketplace where you can find a specialist and get a consultation related to almost any subject. Payments and payouts are done with cryptocurrencies (though Wire integration), WebRTC-based video calls, and web socket chats.


a mobile application that transforms your words into stunning works of art. With the power of artificial intelligence, GenZArt offers a unique and captivating way to express your creativity. We've done a full design of the project enhancing overall UX at every step.


a revolutionary Ed-tech & Edutainment platform with the mission to make online learning more inclusive and culturally relevant for emerging global Black consumers (AI-based mentors' suggestions).

tVNS Patient

an app for stimulation device with helps with various mental disorders.

Interesting technologies:
BLE, custom graphs.Communication with your tVNS nextGen neurostimulator.
Using tVNS Patient, you can read the current stimulation intensity directly from your phone.


a restaurant delivery services marketplace. Has 2 apps: driver (who applies to jobs, deliver orders) and client (restaurants who need something delivered).
Interesting technologies: Google Maps, Stripe payments (Stripe Connect to receive payments), SMS gateway integration to validate phone numbers.


the ultimate carbon footprint app. Counts users' carbon usage, based on trips made by various transport (car, bike, walk).
Keep the app installed and we will tally how many trees we need to plant for you to offset your carbon.

The key points
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  • Live daily calls with PM, we keep Trello board up to date to visualize the progress. No charge for PM.
  • QA engineers are regularly rotated, to ensure fresh opinions on use cases and more bugs discovered. No charge for QA.
  • Weekly design reviews to achieve pixel-perfect results. No charge for design reviews.
  • All our management staff (like PMs) permanently takes UX courses and lectures so we are up to date with all the trends and best practices with everything we do. Your success is our success.
  • We have our own and running marketplace apps, so we know the way the cookie crumbles.
  • Our Upwork profile with reviews from clients mostly from the US and Europe
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