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Сurrently, the Internet of Things or IoT is the most often discussed technology that is rapidly penetrating all spheres of life. What is an IoT application, and how does it work? With the help of IoT, people can communicate with devices or things, and these things can communicate with each other. IoT can arrange various devices into smart systems - from complex industrial equipment to tiny household gadgets. In simple words, this innovative digital solution builds a data network between objects and allows them to collect, analyze, process and transmit data to other objects through software and applications without human intervention. They independently exchange data between themselves and use it to make decisions.

IoT elements function on their own, but people can configure them and read the data. Such a system operates in real-time and usually consists of a network of smart devices and a cloud platform to which they are connected. IoT devices can communicate with each other via WiFi or Bluetooth if they are close to each other. However, many efficient protocols can be implemented into an IoT application, for example, ZigBee or Z-Wave.

Today, billions of devices are included in various IoT systems around the world. Some resources report that their number considerably exceeds the number of IoT full form in electronics users. The first IoT solutions were created for business and industry. They were mainly used for communication between machines. Nowadays, smart devices are brought into homes and offices, simplifying the routine of ordinary people. It is easy to find a lot of examples of IoT applications in everyday life – you can easily switch an air conditioner from your smartphone or track your online order whereabouts. The obvious advantage of IoT is convenience and time saving – you can automate a lot of processes and control them remotely.
Typical Solutions
We are capable to create apps like:
Fitness Tracking
Various sports and physical activity tracking
Medical devices
Show critical measures, sync real-time data, track all the important health parameters, and import the data to the platform
Smart home devices
App systems to control complex home infrastructures

Medication and relaxation devices
Away from the phone to get to a deep level of concentration
Position tracking
Precise location tracking and location dynamics
Apple / Android watch apps
Any app that is supported by Apple or Android Watch OS
endless scenarios of usage
Unlimited possibilities with IoT

It is fair to say that IoT has endless scenarios of usage. Some processes can be automated in every industry and sphere of life. That is, the usage of IoT is appropriate where there is a need for remote monitoring of devices or the collection of big data for the purpose of subsequent analysis. The potential of this technology can transform the world in the most unpredictable ways. What are the most popular IoT uses today?

  • Consumer IoT. This category includes applications Internet of Things for everyday life. A smart home is one of the recent trends. Such an application controls home devices and appliances and allows users to adjust the temperature, lighting and alarm systems.
  • Infrastructure IoT. A smart city is a good example of a tech IoT solution. Various sensors collect data and use it to improve infrastructure, utilities and other services. The apps interact with surveillance cameras, electricity networks, and air quality control systems by connecting them to the Internet.
  • E-Commerce. Modern companies have been using smart controllers for a long time. IoT monitors production quality and reduces the impact of the human factor. In retail, IoT dramatically simplifies the work of sellers and marketers by optimizing costs and analyzing customer experience. Modern IoT-based apps can successfully automate all types of logistics tasks – optimize routes and supply chains, track fleets and manage orders.
  • Healthcare. IoT technology has literally revolutionized the traditional health industry. It considerably improves patient care and monitoring, analyzes symptoms and detects disease at an early stage, and even performs complicated surgeries with the help of robotic assistants. IoT also includes various wearable devices that can track biometric activity and prevent many emergency health situations.
  • Industrial Internet of Things. This technology started the fourth industrial revolution. With a combination of sensors, wireless networks, big data and analytics, businesses can measure and optimize manufacturing processes.
  • Agricultural sector. The IoT solutions allow agronomists to use sensors for monitoring soil conditions and controlling the harvest. This approach boosts productivity and reduces overall costs.

The IoT idea was considered science fiction not so long ago. But the Internet of Things already exists, and lots of people are using it without even realizing it. The spread of the 5G Internet will expand the scope of IoT. Pilotless vehicles are already being tested, and soon they can appear on the streets for everyday use.
Related Projects
New advanced tech solutions appear every day. Thus, investing in IoT applications is very popular today. The CookieDev team has already completed a lot of projects to create a custom IoT-based framework for your idea. We offer full-cycle development services to come up with a unique IoT ecosystem for your startup or individual use. All you need is to give us an idea, and we will create a technical wrap for it.

Following are some of the projects we've done in the wearables field to highlight our experience.
tVNS Patient
App for stimulation device with helps with various mental disorders.

Interesting technologies:
BLE, custom graphs.Communication with your tVNS nextGen neurostimulator.
Using tVNS Patient, you can read the current stimulation intensity directly from your phone.


It's an electric scooter rental app with sightseeing and leisure objects on map-connected Stripe payments integration.

Uses MQTT protocol to communicate with scooters which are a standard messaging protocol for the Internet of Things.

Silo is a subscription-based app where users can stay focused on certain tasks, it's full functionality becomes available after purchase. (WatchOS).

Silo is designed around a minimal experience to keep you focused on what matters. The focus-break (a.k.a. pomodoro) method is motivating, rewarding, and fully customizable to your preferences. Simply press focus.


It's a bike-sharing service, with Stripe payments and geofencing security-related features.

An application that connects to branded BLE (Bluetooth low energy) beacons and shows where they are for the user to find his important things.

There is a radar to show the distance and direction where user should search for the beacon and it also can trigger light and sound signals from beacons.

ability to cope with many tasks better than people
What are the pros and cons of IoT?

The most winning feature of IoT technology is its ability to cope with many tasks better than people. IoT-based solutions can handle many tasks better than people, and here we can talk about greater efficiency, convenience, and in some cases, even security. What are the other benefits of the Internet of Things?

  • Time reduction. Net of things processes data at incredible speed. There is always a chance of a mistake in human-to-human interaction. People can hardly cope with big volumes of information, while machines can analyze and interpret it fast and flawlessly.
  • Improved data collection. IoT apps can better manage data. Smart devices focus on particular tasks, while people prefer multitasking. It allows IoT not to on even the tiniest details while performing the programmed operations.
  • Minimized human involvement. IoT can automate any process, and its potential is endless in this respect. It is possible to build an IoT mobile app for practically any task. It refers to both business routines and everyday life. Top-notch solutions can reduce human intervention to almost zero.

However, this breakthrough technology is not flawless and has some shortcomings.

  • Data security. It is the biggest drawback of IoT. Unfortunately, nobody can exclude the cases of illegal access. Industrial IoT apps must use strong security protocols, and private networks should be connected to reliable Internet suppliers.
  • Privacy issues. IoT systems operate with a lot of critical personal data. It is vital to ensure a satisfactory level of security - from creating a password that is difficult to break, including using biometrics, to installing powerful anti-virus programs.
  • Device failure. First of all, all devices highly depend on the Internet connection and cannot operate without it. Furthermore, the software can also fail. These errors can easily affect extensive networks and bring catastrophic consequences.
  • Unemployment and reduced mental activity. Smart devices can replace thousands of low-skilled people, increasing the unemployment level. Besides, machinery starts to do a lot of physical work on behalf of people, making them inactive and even ignorant.

Despite existing issues, the demand for IoT solutions keeps growing. IoT apps automate a lot of production processes, control employees, improve customer service and just turn the whole household into a smart system.
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